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Purple Mash Publishing

Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure | Written by Madelaine Black illustrated by Shirley Waismann

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Jay loves ketchup, he has it with everything!  But when Jay’s mum loses her job things get tough and Jay starts going to school with a rumbling tummy.

There is a Food Bank in town that can help, but Jay’s mum refuses to go. It looks like Jay is going to be hungry forever!

Everything changes when Jay’s favourite condiments come to life. Can Kobe Ketchup and Jay save the day?

Kobe Ketchup and the Food Bank Adventure is an uplifting and timely tale that teaches children (and adults) about need, giving, receiving, and how we can all make a difference.

This book has been published in support of Bankuet

Bankuet is an innovative tech platform which supports food banks across the UK, delivering the supplies the food banks need when they want it. Donations made through the Bankuet website allow their network of over 200 food banks to pre-order and receive what they need for their users. By pooling together donations from individuals for every £1 donated Bankuet can deliver more than £1 worth of supplies to their food banks.

£1.00 from the sale of this book will go directly to buying supplies for the food banks in the Bankuet network.