Welcome to the enchanted WILDWOOD, home to REDCAP and all his animal friends. REDCAP'S beloved mother has fallen ill and he is going to need help from everyone to save her. So, grab your copy and join REDCAP on his magical mission.

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Ginger Gilmour, illustrator of REDCAP.

Meet the illustrator

Ginger is a self-created artist and an adventurer. Born in the USA in 1949, she has lived in Britain for the last fifty years. For the first half of her life Ginger expressed her nature through her family, marriage and the caring of their four children. She studied for eight years with the English Visionary Artist, Cecil Collins in London. He inspired his students to touch the essence of life and then allow one's own uniqueness to create the form or drawing that would capture its treasured quality. Now she is inspired to be ‘the soul of the artist’ bringing forth artwork which speaks to us of things that touch our hearts nearly forgotten - Beauty, Peace, Kindness. Ginger says, “My journey to discover my true nature has led me to visit many places within myself. I feel my work is a reflection of some of the places we often share on life’s journey.”

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