A book lying open with various objects shooting out from the pages. The image represents the new Top 10s book series from Purple Mash Publishing.

Introducing Top 10s!

  • Which animal has the coolest camouflage?
  • Who was history's sneakiest spy?
  • What is the scariest mythical monster?

We're on a mission to find the top 10 of EVERYTHING, one list at a time.

The twist - we're letting kids pick the topics!

First book due out Spring 2024.

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  • Icon representing knowledge.

    Loads of knowledge!

    Our lists are compiled by leading brianiacs, who have so much knowledge in their heads that they're at risk of falling over. You'll learn heaps about the topic - it's a great way to become an expert overnight!

  • Icon representing jokes and laughter.

    Fun facts and jokes

    These aren't boring text books! You're going to laugh your socks off and discover facts so unbelievable that there's a risk you'll get told off for telling tales.

  • Icon representing games and activities.

    Games and activates

    Because Top 10s is from the makers of Purple Mash you'll get access to loads of cool online activities. There'll be quizzes, games, puzzles and more, so with Top 10s you'll never be bored.

  • Teachers

    Download the free teacher pack - it includes everything you need to enable your class to participate.

  • Parents

    We've put together some useful information on how to help your child come up with a great Top 10s topic.

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Get involved with Top 10s

If you're a Purple Mash user then you can submit your own idea for the Top 10s list you'd most like to see, plus you get to vote on the finalists to pick the winner. That's not all, you can also submit your own version of the chosen top 10 list and your list might be published in the book!

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